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Will Your Favorite Wheel Work with the VRC MKII?

The below Information is not guaranteed, it is from our experience and customers feedback.

The bottom of the wheel must be flat and have clamps for a table top.


Wheel Name
  Fits VRC?

PS2,3, PC

Logi logo
Logitech G25/G27
G25 Holes are pre-drilled and Bolts are supplied. Click here for instructions to lower pedals
PS2,3, PC
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Fanatec Porsche Series
GT3 Fana Holes are pre-drilled for pedals/wheel and Bolts are supplied. Stiffener plate supplied at no charge
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Fanatec Elite CSR Wheel
Does not need the Shifter Adapter, may need to drill holes for wheel mounting, i have not seen it yet..Stiffener plate supplied at no charge
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Fanatec CSR Wheel
Holes pre-drilled, Stiffener plate supplied at no charge
Fana logo
Fanatec Clubsport Pedals
Holes pre-drilled
Fana logo
Fanatec Elite CSR Pedals
Need to drill holes to mount, Click here for instructions

Thrustmaster T500RS

Not Recommended for the VRC MKII


Need to drill holes for wheel and pedals, wheel is very heavy, instructions soon. Stiffener plate supplied at no charge

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XBOX 360 Wireless (Not Madcatz)

xbox Click here for mounting suggestions
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Fanatec Speedster Forceshock
Speeds Clamp looks like it will work
Logi logo
Driving Force EX
FX Wheel Housing VRC was designed for
Logi logo
Logitech Driving Force
Driveforce Wheel Housing VRC was designed for
Logi logo
Logitech Driving Force PRO GT
GT pro Wheel Housing VRC was designed for

If you do not see your wheel listed please email us and we will try to investigate. There are new wheels out everyday!

The VRC MKII pedal plate is angled to prevent the brake pedal from going over center causing the driver to lose feel when hard braking. With the adjust-ability of the Fanatec Clubsport/Elite and Thrustmaster T500RS pedal sets you can adjust the pedal angles to suit any driver. At right is an example showing the difference in angle available just by turning the blocks behind the pedal pads on the Fanatec Elite.


The Frame is welded steel with a hard powder coat finish, soft feel adjusting knobs and nylotron sleeves for easy adjustment

The Steering Post now has 2 knobs to keep the wheel stable from side to side.

The bottom of the pedal plate has strong braces for support and is pre drilled for mounting of the Logitech G25/27 and Fanatec Clubsport pedals




The VRC MKII racing seat features a soft cloth material for staying comfortable during those long endurance races.

The Seat Back can recline to a fully horizontal position if you decide to take a nap during a pit stop..(just checking if you are reading this)




The VRC MKII can be compressed to 47"tall x 36"x 22" when stood on end. (This is a picture of the older VRC but the same idea)

Shown with my son, who was 48" Tall when this was taken.

Velcro "Strap and Tie" ® self-adhesive wraps are included to keep your installation neat.

Rubber bumpers are used to keep from scratching your floor and Locking Pins are used to prevent full extension.

Customer Feedback:" You know, when I received your product I figured there would be at least one thing I would change to make it better, BUT THERE IS NOT ANYTHING I would change, it is comfortable, built unbelievably well, adjusts great, it is AWESOME!!!!! I have been looking for a setup like this for a long time, I can sit in this thing and race for hours, of course my fiancee doesn't like that........but oh well, I will have to get her to try it. I just had to say thanks, I don't think I have ever sat down to write praise for any product I have ever bought but this time I had to, after racing for a few days of course!! keep up the good work...T.TRENT" For more Customer feedback and pictures click here

These are pictures of our Shifter Mount to accept most Shifter Modules. It is adjustable for height and distance from the seat and is very stable.

(Shown on a VRC MKI)

NOTE: "Steering Wheels, controllers, consoles, games and TV's are not included with the VRC

Monitor Stand Details:

The Monitor Stand is made of the same mild steel as the VRC, welded with the 2 "feet" removable as is the mounting plate. To mount a Monitor just slide out the mounting plate, attach it to the Monitor with the Allen bolts (included) and replace the mounting plate. The stand is powder coated black and comes in its own package with Self-Wrap Velcro strips to keep you wires neat.

Monitor Stand mount supports VESA Monitors with 75mm X 75mm, 100mm X 100mm, 100mm X 200mm mounting patterns. Adjustable for height, the top bolt on Monitor can be 26.5 to 31.5 from the ground.

Older VRC MKI with 23 inch Samsung HD Monitor/TV playing GTR on a Gaming PC using the Logitech MOMO PC wheel.

Older VRC MKI with a Sony 19 inch Monitor, playing GTR with the Logitech MOMO wheel and pedals using a PC.

Older VRC MKI using the Samsung 23 inch HD Monitor/TV playing GT4 on Playstation2 with the Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel and pedals.


Customer Feedback: Just wanted to let you know, I received my VRC. It was very easy to assemble and I really appreciated the cable management velcro straps. It is so easy to adjust and the seat is extremely comfortable. I love it. Patrick..... For more Customer feedback and pictures click here

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